Inventory Day – Minimalism in the Physical and Mental World

It’s been a long time coming.  There’s been much talk.  I have ranted and raved about the benefits of minimalism […]

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Road Trip Over the American Southwest

The open road, the desert, and the freedom from the routines of everyday life   ~A dirtbag style road trip […]

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Saddle Mountain – A Gem in the Coastal Range

Saddle Mountain – the Perfect Jumping Off Point for Oregon Coast Adventures.

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Amazon Mechanical Turk – An Honest Review and Real Earnings

*From the perspective of a worker Have you ever wanted to make less than minimum wage while working as a […]

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Solo Camping – Best Form of Wilderness Therapy

I go to the woods for clarity. It’s good for a person to remember how weak and fragile he is in the woods – puts life into perspective I’d say.

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Smith Rock: First Time Rock Climbing Outdoors

Beers and Rock Climbing…is there anything better?

Climbing Route:
Cave route, Brogan Spire of the Marsupial Group

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Mt. Shasta Winter Climb via Clear Creek Route

In the end, I want my life to look like a movie…

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