Honey Stinger Organic Waffle

Caramel flavor

Weight: 1 oz

Calories: 163 kcals

Weight to Calorie Ratio: 1.6/1 ratio

I first discovered the Steamboat Springs based company Honey Stinger while working at an outdoor retail expo in Oregon. Their product rep gave me a box of the organic caramel flavored waffles to try out. I was stoked but wary of how much I would actually like them. The use of honey as a base ingredient did intrigue me though.

Being an avid long distance backpacker and amateur climber, I feel I’ve tried nearly every packaged supplement “bar” on the market with fairly neutral results. Most have the nutrition aspect down but get unbelievably old after many days in the wild.

I took the stinger waffles out on a few trips so far, with the most recent being a solo trip to Lake Tahoe where I hiked and lived out of my truck for a week. Out of all the food I brought to Tahoe, they were by far my favorite. The biggest reason? They did not taste artificial. I actually started to save them for key eating moments; they became quite the treat after eating peanut butter sandwiches and protein drinks all day, every day!

All the ingredients are organic with the first 3 being organic wheat flour, organic palm fruit oil, and organic rice syrup. Organic honey comes in 5th in quantity.

Each pack weighs 1oz (plus packaging) and provides 160 kcals. It has a respectable 1.6/1 ratio, giving at least 100 kcals per 1oz – the backpacking standard. A solid amount of calories come from fat (7 grams/63 kcals); I was happily surprised at this as most bars rely heavily on higher carbohydrate contents to provide extra calories and mass.

For me, the only negative is the 0 grams of protein. Maybe it is not the desired purpose but I’d love to see a solid 5-10 grams thrown in there for muscle rebuilding. Adding a bit of pea or hemp protein wouldn’t change the texture too much and would give a real nice burst of slow energy release and tissue recovery. It seems like their honey based energy chews fulfill the carb heavy, during workout supplement while their wafers could provide the versatility of a more macro balanced product.

Overall, Honey Stinger is a super rad company that makes delicious and nutritious food supplements. Clif Bar now has a partner in crime in my food sack!

Give them a try for yourself on your next big (or small) adventure!


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