*From the perspective of a worker

Have you ever wanted to make less than minimum wage while working as a slave laborer in the comfort of your own home? Well now you can after signing up for Amazon Mechanical Turk!

Amazon Mechanical Turk is based on the micro job model. Micro jobs are easy, non time consuming, often menial tasks that only human beings can perform. Think of them as jobs that a computer can’t do but just above the intellectual talents of an ape or monkey. So basically working for Mechanical Turk puts you just above the intellectuality of a chimp on the evolutionary latter.

Jokes aside, Amazon Mechanical Turk is a completely trustworthy, legit site where you can actually earn easy money from the comfort of your home computer. Albeit, the money that you will earn, as stated above, will generally be less than minimum wage ($7.25 per hour here in the good old US of A).

If you are willing to endure the characteristics already stated, then Amazon Mechanical Turk is the site for you. It is by far the best micro job site out there today (I have tried more than a few in my attempt to ward off the actual adult job world). “Requesters” post tasks and “workers” complete them. There are literally hundreds of tasks posted each day so being a worker is never a boring job (besides doing the job itself…).

Potential Income

Let’s start with the top 3 best “HITS” (Amazon’s term for a task) you can complete as a “Turker”.

  1. Audio Transcriptions

This category of HITS is the most real world job like work you will find on Mechanical Turk. Basically, requesters post an audio clip that they want transcribed and you, as the worker, transcribes it. However, you must transcribe audio in the official format the requester wants so you must first teach yourself and take a qualification test in order to be able to transcribe for the specific requester.

*Potential income: .50c to $30 dollars per task.

  1. Article Writing

Here is another category which resembles real world work but does not resemble real world pay (However, we are not in the real world; we are on Mechanical Turk!) The HIT will contain an expected minimum word count and a generally random topic to write on; the worker must write the article to the best of his/her ability, but also do it in a timely manner for better money per hour.

*Potential Income: .25c to $20 dollar per task.

  1. Studies/Surveys

From my experience this is the best category to work in on Mechanical Turk. The reason? Work is very consistent. Each day for the past month or so I have typed in either study or survey in the search bar and have consistently seen 10+ new surveys to complete. Now, I do not waste my time with any surveys paying less than 50 cents per 5-10 minutes of work so that limits my choices some. Still, there at least 5 “good” surveys available each day, many times more. The end result is about 1 hour of work scattered throughout the day for 5-10 dollars of pay. Now to find a way to live on 5-10 dollars each day…hmmm.

*Potential Income: .01c to around $10 dollars per survey.

Once you have earned above the minimum cash out balance of $10 for direct bank account deposit and $1 for an Amazon gift card, you can then enjoy the fruits of your labor. Direct Bank account deposits are fast (1-2 days) and getting a gift card is even faster (instantaneous). As far as actually receiving your hard earned money, Amazon Mechanical Turk gets an A+ in my book.

Now to a Summery of My Earnings Over the Past 30 Days:

Real Earnings – Rejections and All!mechanical turk earnings

Not Bad Eh?

As you can see, I was on track to make about $200 (including the HITS pending) for 30 days of work. This averages out to be around $6.66 each day. Factor in the amount of time I spent each day turking–1 hour. You then get a grand total of about $6.66 per hour completing tasks through Amazon Mechanical Turk. Whoa so we have now come full circle back to my opening statements!

I worked for less than minimum wage, completed tasks that a very intelligent chimp could do, and had no job security (slave laborer).

Am I going to continue slaving myself to Amazon’s requesters you ask?


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