Oh Angel’s Rest, you are a loyal friend.

30 minutes away from my urban jungle and always present when I need you.

In order to keep my lungs and legs in top shape for my coming 170 mile solo walk around Lake Tahoe, I drove out to the Columbia River Gorge to complete this locally famous 4.6 mile out and back hike. This time, I was joined by a friend who also very much needed an escape from the city. However, we went on a Saturday and completely forgot that Angel’s Rest is not just our friend but the friend of many…We passed surprisingly few on the trail considering the overflowed parking lot but the top was a different story. The three sided rocky spine jutting out over the Columbia turned out to be quite the party.

The misty off and on rain did not dissuade the masses but we were able to find a corner of solitude for music and rejuvenation. On our small rocky outcrop, we enjoyed a tea infused cocktail in a North Face mason jar. The clouds parted and the evening sun shone through slightly.

Life is good friends.


Originally posted 2015-09-07 18:00:00.

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