Mt. St. Helen’s Loowit Trail Loop:

~32 Miles and 15 hours~

~June Lake Trailhead~

Once a person passes his mid-20s, he instantly and exponentially becomes worse at processing any amounts of liquor. I, again, realized this fact the morning of my solo loop hike around famous Mount St. Helens. The previous day’s plan was to wake up around 7am and be out of the house at 8am in order to start my 32 mile solo journey mid-morning. However, a Long Island Ice Tea with sushi and a few after beers the night before caused me to be bed ridden until early afternoon, recovering from a throbbing headache and a 50% functioning mind. Out of sheer displeasure with my body, I finally willed myself out of the house and drove to June Lake Trailhead for the start of an experience on a volcano.

I began the clockwise hike at 4pm, trekking over the long boulder fields and making camp around 8pm on the side of a washout ravine. It was a hard earned but respectable 8.5 miles before dark. Looking out over the ravine as the sun set in the western sky, I felt at peace.

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Alpine sunsets Never Fail to Rejuvenate the Body and Soul.

Day 2, I pushed myself on a great endurance challenge, completing the last 24 miles and reaching my now beloved red truck at 730pm. Nearly the whole day, I was walking in the open. The intense heat and trail washouts sapped my energy but couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. This day, I was treated to the most unique scenery of my life. From the restricted blast zone of the 1980 eruption to the trail’s highest point Windy Pass to the moon-like Plains of Abraham, I knew for a fact I was having an Adventure. It was one of those life experiences that I so crave nowadays. I bagged another mountain loop and created another memory of accomplishment. My precious time on this earth was not wasted. Worthy of life, I am.

South Toutle River Washout
South Toutle River Canyon
Entering the Restricted Blast Zone
Entering the Restricted Blast Zone
North Toutle River - Clear Rushing Water Amongst Beautiful Desolation
North Toutle River – Clear Rushing Water Amongst Beautiful Desolation
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Spirit Lake
Windy Pass 4900'
Windy Pass 4900′ with the Trail Far Below
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Mount Adams from the East

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