It’s been a long time coming.  There’s been much talk.  I have ranted and raved about the benefits of minimalism and simplicity for far too long to not do something about it.  Today, is Inventory Day.

During the past few years, I have dabbled in the minimalist lifestyle but only on the surface and not in a truly healthy way.  In the past, simplicity was just another name for control.  All it did was create negativity for myself and those around me.  This time, it’s different.  It is not about the physical possessions so much as about the philosophies of zen minimalism and the simple clarity it can bring.   I need to dig deep into the depths and start the journey into true minimalism and, in turn, true awareness of surroundings and self.

Recently, I watched the popular film Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus.  Watching the film and doing further research into their book Everything That Remains provided that slight little kick necessary to push me into the unknowns.  Less talk, more action!

Minimalism has now become an obsession, something that makes my eyes widen and my voice to sound more wild.   It’s time to get a little crazy and embrace the weird!  Let’s count all our possessions shall we?


-Create categories
-Finish counting every item in a category before moving to another one
-Start small and live in the moment in order to not become overwhelmed
-Just do it…no excuses
-Count every single item except consumables (This was my own rule, as the awareness of diet requires a different approach).  That means every pencil, every spoon, every sock, every toothbrush…
-Put on some totally rad road trip music and get started!


And now the results…


Clothes - 105Kitchen - 20Food Storage - 1Electronics - 25Gear - 77*Bedding - 10Tolietries - 41*Books - 26Misc - 45
19 T-Shirts (4 Perform)2 Spoon1 - Food Bin 1 Laptop2 Sleeping Bags1 Comforter3 Zip Bags of *Misc*26 books and maps1 5 Gallon Bucket
9 Pants (3 Baselayers)1 Fork1 A6000 Camera3 Backpacks1 Fitted Sheet2 Tigerbalm1 Hammer
3 Rain Jackets2 Knives1 Digital Camera4 Sleeping Pads1 Sheet8 Carmex/Lip Balm1 Screwdriver + Heads
4 Insulation Jackets2 Plate1 Garmin GPS1 Tent1 Wool Blanket1 Eye Drop1 Disposible Glove
20 Misc Shirts/Jackets1 Bowl1 Anker Solar Panel1 Bug Shelter2 Fleece Blanket1 Axe Spray1 Safety Glasses
10 Underwear3 Cup1 GoPro1 Emergency Bivy 1 Falsa Blanket1 Cologne1 Transmission Oil
16 Socks (Pairs)1 Spork 1 Garmin etrex 10I Camp Towel1 Pillow1 Tweezer2 Brushes
7 Shoes1 Pot2 Battery Charger1 Propane Stove2 Pillow Cover1 Nail Clipper1 Clamp
2 Gloves1 Cast Iron Pan (Small)1 GoPro Headstrap3 Propane Fuel2 Deoderant2 35lb Dumbells
8 Hats (4 Beanies)1 Non Stick Pan (Small)1 Anker Battery1 Alcohol Stove1 Dapper Lyfe Pomade5 Knives (Various Sizes)
5 Neck Gaiters1 TNF Coaster1 Xboom Speaker1 Backpacking Stove1 Scissor1 Deck of Cards
1 Sunglasses1 Manual Can Opener1 Ipod1 Backpacking Fuel1 Hair Trimmer + Heads*1 2oz Flask
1 Glasses2 Bottle Opener2 USB Wall Plug3 Headlamps1 Aqua Velva1 Bee String Hang
1 Nalgene Bottle4 Thumbdrives 1 Clothes Line1 Mouth Wash1 Tibetian Prayer Flag
1 Mouse 2 Paracord3 Toothbrush1 Hacky Sack
4 Cords1 Lanteern1 Sponge1 Hanging Wing Cat
1 Phone1 Fishing Pole1 Toothpaste8 Pens/Pencils
1 Tackle Box + *Gear*1 Floss1 Wallet
1 Black Diamond Ice Axe3 Contact Solution2 Key
5 Extra Compression/Stuff Sacks1 Comb1 Select Strain Vape Pen
1 Yeti Cooler1 Hand Sanitizer1 U of MN Folder
1 Kahtoola Microspikes1 Adhesive Tape5 Notepads
1 Sea to Summit Bowl1 Travel Shampoo3 Shoes Boxes
2 Campsuds 1 Bug Spray2 TNF Duffel Bag
1 Sawyer Mini Filter1 Small Petro Jelly
1 Sawyer Squeeze Pouch1 Towel
1 Sawyer Syringe
1 Frontier Water Filter
2 Emergency Pancho
11 Hand Warmers
1 2L Hydraflask
1 Wet Wipe
6 Non Climbing Carbineer
1 Compass
1 Whistle
3 Lighters
1 Flashlight
2 Trekking Poles
2 Iodine Tablets
1 Storage Bin
Total: 350*1 Chalk Bag


Total Possessions: an even, cool 350

I am actually quite pleased with the number 350.  During the whole process, I got rid of probably 40 items so it became a count and purge day as well.  Super efficient use of the day!  Tentatively, I would like to get down to around 200 items but the number really doesn’t matter.  It’s only a loose guideline.  A number is a number; it has no meaning.  Meaning comes from the interpretation of the results.

This was only the beginning though.   Each day, I will look over the chart and throw out, recycle, give away at least 1 item.  The goal now is ultimate awareness of my possessions and my physical world.  Once that awareness takes hold, mental clarity will soon follow.

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