My 170 mile Lake Tahoe Rim Trail solo hike is just around the corner.  I’ve been keeping my preparations to a minimum in hopes that it won’t feel like another one of those structured and controlled events in life, but rather a grand adventure of freedom.

Normal life … be gone!

However, I burn fuel like an 18th century coal engine and do not have 10lbs to lose on my lean 165lb frame so I spent a good amount of time on a 3-4 day food list that was both calorie rich and lightweight (100kcals per oz).  None of the foods are exotic and finding similar items during the 2 resupplies should be simple.

I will not be taking a stove; all food is ready to eat.


I focused primarily on:

-Raw Calories

-Ease of Preparation



-Fiber/Probiotics/Phytonutrients (The neglected friends of most hikers’ diets!)


Peanut butter (Smooth) –                                 4750 kcals – 28oz

Strawberry Jelly –                                           1400 kcals – 20oz

Nine Grain Bread –                                          1870 kcals – 26oz

Asiago Cheese –                                              770 kcals – 7oz

12 Genesis Today Plant Protein Packs –          1310 kcals – 12oz

6 Genesis Today Probiotic Greens Packs –     330 kcals – 3.6oz

6 Honey Stinger Organic Caramel Waffle –    960 kcals – 6oz

Almond M&M’s –                                  1540 kcals – 10oz

Lemonade Tea Mix –                                            1920 kcals – 19oz

15 Propel Packs –                                    0 kcals – 1oz

1 Hot Chocolate Pack –                                        90 kcals – 1oz

1 Green Superfood Pack –                             25 kcals – .25oz

1 Kind Bar –                                         230 kcals -1.6oz

Olive Oil                                                     750 kcals – 3oz

Grand Total:

15,945 kcals                      

138 oz   or   8.625 lbs

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