Elevation: 3,288′

Prominence: 1,600′

Distance: 5.2 miles out and back

Trailhead: Latitude: 45.962883  Longitude: -123.689990


Saddle Mountain has quickly become my absolute favorite short Oregon hike.  The 5.2 mile round trip climbs up and down the 3,288′ coastal peak, giving a sharp burst of excitement and self worth for very little time commitment.  That isn’t to say this hike is easy; it will make you sweat and your blood pump but that’s what satisfaction is all about!  Anyone with solid cardio and hiking experience will knock this out in around 2 hours.

On the way up you will pass through a spruce forest, open rolling fields of seasonal wildflowers, and by huge basalt dikes.  At the summit is a large concrete slab where a fire lookout tower used to stand.  In its place, people now gaze out at the 360 degree view of the Pacific Ocean and Oregon Coast.

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My recent trip to Saddle Mountain was the first long test drive for my red Chevy Silverado.  There’s something about road tripping with an old truck that increases the adventure of it all!  After the hike, I drove to Seaside, OR with the intentions of finding a nice spot in the sand to soak up some sweet rays.  I bummed at the beach for the rest of the day, listening to podcasts and reading.  Returning to Portland, I felt worthy of life, like I had accomplished something with my day.

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