Distance: 50 miles

Time Hiking: 24 hours

Trailhead: Lava Lake


IMG_2417 edited                              South Sister

IMG_2420 edited                              Middle Sister

IMG_2431 edited                              North Sister


Being the notoriously late morning riser that I am, I rolled out of bed half past 8am on the eve before my longest solo backpacking trip of my life.  Supplies still scattered on my bedroom floor, I quickly got up!… then made myself some nice green tea and proceeded to lay back in bed to watch a few YouTube videos and check the good old Facebook once more….

I was on the road by 10am, music blasting and good vibes flowing deep.  3 hours later, I suited up and went off into the wild.

Starting at Lava Lake Trailhead and going clockwise, I walked 12 miles the first day, through the Pole Creek burned area and camped a few miles before Green Lake.

IMG_2393 edited

Day 2 I pushed it hard and knocked out 25 miles.  Though quite the opposite of complimentary, there’s nothing like listening to Ice Cube, Dre, Snoop and maybe even a little Jazzy Jeff while speed walking through the mountains! (I think the new movie Straight Outta Compton is on my mind too much :p)  Right before the Obsidian restricted zone, I found a campsite next to a couple super rad thru hikers traveling the Oregon section of the Pacific Crest Trail.  We chatted about gear, favorite backpacking foods and beer, etc.  Of course, I also steered the conversation to the meaning of life, philosophy and existence…just little light topics before bed.

IMG_2424 edited
Night 2 Camp View

Day 3 was all clear skies, obsidian, pumice and ash.  Mid morning, I crossed over the Opie Dilldock Pass.  It is a beautiful volcanic, alpine area, with strong winds and fantastic views of Mt. Washington, Three Fingered Jack, Mt. Jefferson, and Mt Hood all in the same lens space.

IMG_2430 edited

IMG_2436 edited

I walked the last 2 miles in bare feet, loving the free feeling of earth and wind against my tired skin. Finally seeing my big red truck after what felt like an eternity gave me a sense of accomplishment and rush of endorphins that is rivaled by nothing else.

IMG_2445 edited
Absolutely Exhausted

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